Weight loss vs. Good Nutrition

Posted on April 30th, 2008 in Getting started by admin

I have been fairly healthy and fit all my life, but age takes its toll. After turning age 50, I felt like I was going to need to do something different in order to maintain a degree of health. In the summer time I get some pretty good outdoor excercise, such as cutting and splitting wood, but in the winter, I get almost none. This means that I go through a annual cycle of gaining and losing weight. I hate the losing weight part. Some years, I have been quite decided not to gain weight during the winter months. Sometimes, I have been successful at this. Sometimes, not.

For me, it is a matter of controlling winter-time intake because I have no activities in the winter that I like well enough to do them consistently. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are the times when I must be careful or I really add the pounds. Around March, I am typically at my heaviest each year.

I love to go hiking and hunting in the mountains in the summer and fall. This is very good for me, but when I first get started each year, it seems like I’m going to have a heart attack. By the end of fall, I am typically back in pretty good shape.

Well, I made a discovery. How would you like to control weight without exercise? Somehow, this just doesn’t seem right at all, does it? It must be against the laws of nature. When I first started using nutritional supplements, I did so to boost my energy and to feel better. I did not start out to lose weight. I found that using the very same products, but in different quantities, I could either gain weight or lose it, whichever I desired. Either way, I felt better and had more energy.

I suspect you too would like to feel better, and have more energy, regardless of your weight. I find that I feel better, and feel better about myself when I am not so heavy. I don’t beleive there is any free ticket to weight loss, but it should also be noted that there is more to health and vigor than lack of weight. It is best not to gain the weight in the first place, but many of us gain weight anyway. The next question is how to take it off once we gain it.

Starving, interestingly, is both responsible for weight gain and for weight loss. Either way, starving isn’t particularly good for us. We need to have adequate nutrition whether we are gaining or losing weight. We can consume more or less calories than we burn, but what about nutrition?

The answer will be provided in other posts

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