Pills are food

Posted on May 21st, 2008 in Getting started by admin

Back when I was a teenager, I remember reading somewhere that one day we would get all our food from pills. That was some science fiction viewpoint. Today, I see that we are not too far from that situation. We might as well admit that pills are food.

Eating is more than just the bulk we get in our stomachs that signals satisfaction. Eating is habit forming, and partly because of taste and smell. I enjoy eating as much as anyone, I suppose, even though I may be less finicky about what I eat than some. I am certainly not a connoisseur. Ofttimes, I don’t have time to eat, it seems, or I don’t have time to eat right.

I have been convinced that my diet and my life style, combined with my age, are not as healthy as should be the case. I can either do the things I should, some of which I do some of the time, or I can use supplements. If the supplements are of high enough quality, then I can remain healthy, even with my current lifestyle.

When it came right down to it, part of my choice to get started involved cost. I always seem to have cost in the back of my mind. When I go to the grocery store, I have to pay in advance for what I am going to eat later. It is the same with buying supplements, but it doesn’t feel the same. For some reason, I have some resistence to buying supplements in advance.

I have tried to estimate our family’s average cost per meal per individual. I included eating out. We have been spending about $1.90 per meal per person, but costs are now going up fairly quickly. The supplements that I use cost about $2.00/day, but if I substitute a protien drink for a meal – which I typically do, then my actual meal cost goes down and I save $30/mo on groceries. These figures are at retail, and I buy wholesale, so it is even better for me than shown.

Depending on your needs, you can substitute meals and save money, or you can supplement meals and spend a little extra. Either way, the approach is quite reasonable cost-wise. There is also the cost of not sustaining your health to consider.

I use the following products daily: multi-vitamin, nutrient support, metabolism enhancer, and nutritional shake. By doing so, I can control my weight with or without changing my exercise routine, and I have more energy and less sickness to boot.

I have been using this program for almost two years and plan to continue for life.

It is, after all, FoodFit4Life.

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